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Barbara and Ivan Rickard had a dream of opening a small mom-and-pop coffee shop in the little town of Cobleskill NY. They decided to build their dream and started construction in 1981. Opening for business in 1983. Barbara's demand for perfection and her awesome recipes for homestyle cooking, fresh-baked desserts, homemade soups and fresh ground hamburger, are the key to success and they soon found themselves adding onto the building and employing more than 40 people. Mom and Pop's coffee shop was now a full-blown diner, and a place where friends and families met to eat, chat, and reminisce. As Barbara and Ivan's family worked at the diner the quality and demand for perfection were apparent everywhere to everybody, and the diner continued to thrive. Many years later fast-food restaurants started to pop up in the town worrying Barbra. Keeping her head high and accepting change is probably the biggest leap she had to make being a small business owner of the late 1900s. Although Barbara and Ivan are relaxing and enjoying retirement, they still remain a big part of the diner while their daughter Denene McLaughlin and her husband Ray McLaughlin pushed harder to keep the diner going in the early 2000's! Raising two sons in the business was the hardest thing they have ever done! Ray and Denene always tried to push their sons towards college so they could make their own career in something other than the restaurant business, but the sons were relentless! They insisted on learning the business. They always wanted to keep the Diner going for the community. They love their customers and they always would say "what will all our customers do if we don't keep the Diner going!? I couldn't imagine Cobleskill without the Cobleskill Diner?!" Here we are, 20 years later, Ray and Denene have taken a step back to let their sons Lucas and Kyle McLaughlin continue the tradition of quality while striving for perfection. The COBLESKILL DINER takes great pride in itself for the way it has always given back to the community by supporting local business, school functions, non-profit organizations and so much more! Denene's oldest son Lucas has taken the restaurant over and not only runs that but he runs a catering business that started the fall of 2020. Branching off of the Diner, Rooster on the Run LLC is catering food just like the Cobleskill Diner's menu! Rooster on the Runwill cook anything you can think of! Lucas has always had very big dreams for the Diner and he plans to work harder and harder to make the Diner an amazing asset to this community. Lucas always says he is in it to enrich the community he serves! Customers that frequently visit the Diner refer to it as the LOCAL's BEST KEPT SECRET. Still thriving after 35+ years, Denene's sons Lucas and Kyle are keeping up with changing times, accepting all credit cards, continuing to support the community, providing a senior's and a children's menu. and still offering the food and quality that their customers know and love at a price they can afford. Proud to have a wonderful staff of over 27 people, and being a rather large job supplier for the community, the Cobleskill Diner is still the place to meet and eat with friends. Open, serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, the Cobleskill Diner is glad to be serving you and your family for years to come! -The Cobleskill Diner Family

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Our Mission

Cobleskill Diner is the place where great cooking, huge ice cream, and fantastic vibes meet. Our food is nutritious, delicious, and affordable. Try it yourself by ordering take-out or stopping by today! The staff at the Cobleskill Diner truly makes all the magic happen, day in and day out. Our outstanding employees are a big reason why our customers love coming back. We take great pride in our customer service as well as the handcrafted food we serve. Together we have the confidence to assure everyone has a great experience with every visit.

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117 Granite Dr Cobleskill, NY 12043

Better Food, Better Mood

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